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After two years of living here, I can say that I’ve fell into a rut. It’s the same routine week in and week out for me. Class on Mondays, Online classes on Tuesdays, work Wednesday to Friday. The weekend is just homework. I don’t have the same sense of belonging here as I did when I moved. Sure i’m advancing in school and my career but this place doesn’t feel right. I do not see myself in starting a family, and having a career in Apex North Carolina. I see myself doing that roughly 700 miles away in Massachusetts.

Sparks was born in Phoenix, Arizona , [10] to Jodi (née Wiedmann) Sparks and former professional football player Phillippi Sparks . Sparks has a younger brother, Phillippi "PJ" Sparks, Jr., who plays football at Arizona Christian University . Her father is African-American and her mother is Caucasian . [11] She grew up in the suburbs of Ridgewood, New Jersey , while her father played as a defensive back for the New York Giants . After living in New Jersey, Sparks attended Northwest Community Christian School in Phoenix through the eighth grade. Sparks attended Sandra Day O'Connor High School until 2006 when she was homeschooled by her grandmother, Pam Wiedmann, to better concentrate on her singing. [12] Sparks is an evangelical Christian and attends Calvary Community Church in Phoenix. On her American Idol biography, she thanks her parents,grandparents and God for her win. [13] She won an award for best young artist of the year in Arizona three years in a row.

Sparks - When I Am With YouSparks - When I Am With YouSparks - When I Am With YouSparks - When I Am With You